Home Blitz

Sometimes you can become overwhelmed with trying to keep your home clean & tidy. With our busy lives, we have too much mess and not enough time so why not treat yourself to a whole-home cleaning Blitz?

Kitchen Blitz

When was the last time you found time to thoroughly clean your kitchen, from top to bottom? With all the grease, grime and dirt that kitchens tend to harbour, isn't it time you gave your kitchen a good Blitz?

Bathroom Blitz

Bathrooms are typically used more than any other room in the home and over time, they become a breeding ground for mould, limescale and bacteria. However, our Blitz cleaning can rejuvenate your bathroom.

Garage Blitz

We tend to use our garages to store anything we don't want in our home so over time, this useful space becomes a glorified dumping ground. Why not reclaim your garage space with our Garage Blitzing service?